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The Pfizer Files: This month's revelations

Posted by Y Rabinovitz


May 06, 2022


00:34 AM

All high risk groups were excluded from the trial studies. Why?

The Pfizer Files: This month's revelations

Who are COVID shots designed for?

That’s just one of many intriguing questions prompted by a perusal of the Pfizer documents currently being published in batches after a federal judge in the state of Texas ruled that the pharmaceutical company is obligated to release the data in a timely manner.

The simple answer to our opening question is: everyone. That’s why we have been pressured and often mandated to take the shots – the powers-that-be want us all to take them. But with COVID, nothing is simple.

By now, everyone must know that COVID is only dangerous for a very small tranche of the population. On average, people who die from COVID are in their late 70s to early 80s and have several serious comorbidities. Children are at virtually zero risk of dying of COVID; anyone under the age of 50 faces only a very tiny risk.

Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that vaccines against COVID were designed first and foremost for that small minority which genuinely has something to worry about – which would mean that the trial studies testing the shots before they were marketed should have focused on this small minority.

That is not what happened.

In the latest batch of documents released, Pfizer’s “exclusion criteria” for participation in its trials are listed. 

Here they are.  I'd like to focus on #29.


29. For older adults only: Have a condition known to put them at high risk for severe COVID-19, including those with any of the following risk factors:

-       Hypertension

-       Diabetes mellitus

-       Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

-       Asthma

-       Chronic liver disease

-       … chronic kidney disease…

-       Serious heart conditions…

-       Cancer

-       Are immune compromised…

-       Resident in a long-term facility…


That’s quite a comprehensive list even aside from the other 28 categories excluded. It also includes virtually everyone at high risk of dying of COVID, as we know now, and as Pfizer and others “in the know” had good reason to suspect then, with plenty of evidence to rely on. (Incidentally, asthma is no longer considered a risk factor, but Pfizer was playing it safe.)

Playing it safe?

Safe for whom?

Didn’t they want to know if their shots were a) effective and b) safe for those who were theoretically most in need of them?

Didn’t the FDA want to know?

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