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Meet the internet’s biggest yenta

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Yudi Sherman


Yudi Sherman

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Wed, Jul 20, 2022


00:57 AM

'Peak millennial white woman insanity'

Meet the internet’s biggest yenta

Yenta (Yiddish) (n.) ˈyen-tə : A meddling busybody; a vulgar shrew.

She’s the one with “she/her/hers” next to her name. 

She’s the one still pledging allegiance to Black Lives Matter and viewing everything in terms of race. 

She’s the one calling your employer when you recommend ivermectin for early COVID-19. She’s the one shaming you to millions of users online if you question the COVID injections. She’ll even threaten and report your child if she thinks he made an insensitive joke. 

She is Savannah Malm, a.k.a. Savannah Sparks – media darling, reviled internet yenta. 

Malm is a Mississippi pharmacist who has taken it upon herself to punish doctors who challenge the medical establishment, along with anyone else she deems morally wanting. Once she identifies the offenders, they become the subjects of expletive-filled rants and reputational damage campaigns. Often, she attempts to get them fired. 

Of course, Malm is not above going after the occasional child for wrongthink, either. 

One unlucky 17-year-old boy who made a fat joke on TikTok did not realize that Malm was policing the internet. She posted a video saying someone had been “triggered” by his post and that she was asked to identify the culprit “so that the appropriate adults could step in to intervene.” 

“And I did just that,” Malm boasts in the video. “It took me all of 20 minutes to find out who you are, where you live and where you go to school. And I don’t say that threateningly. I say that because you are not immune to accountability just because you posted anonymously on the internet. So just a heads up, your entire high school administration knows.” 

In another case, Malm contacted the supervisor of a pharmacy technician who said she believed certain medications cause cancer to get the woman in hot water with her employer. 

And the media love her for it. 

“She called out health care misinfo on TikTok,” gushed NBC News, though the outlet was none too pleased to find out that some people bit back. 

“This approach to calling alleged offenders out has made her the target of online harassment,” NBC complained. “Her address has been posted on extremist websites, and her inboxes have been flooded with threats of rape and death against both her and her daughter, which, at one point, became so relentless it nearly drove her off the internet.” 

But it seems Malm has now shaken the wrong tree. 

In April, Malm began publicly shaming and harassing Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, MD, a Texas doctor who recommends ivermectin for early COVID-19 based on overwhelming scientific evidence. Dr. Bowden reportedly called out pharmacists for refusing to dispense the cheap and effective drug. Malm posted a video to TikTok calling Dr. Bowden a “xenophobic b*tch” because the pharmacists were Asian-American. She also posted articles to prove that ivermectin is dangerous, including from the mainstream media. 

Of course, Malm also reported Dr. Bowden to the Texas Medical Board. 

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Malm called Dr. Bowden a racist no less than five times, as well as a “pro-plaguer” and a “c*nt”. 

The next month, Malm received a letter in the mail from attorney Steven Biss. The letter read: “I represent Dr. Mary T. Bowden in connection with her claims against you and Tik Tok for defamation, defamation by implication, false light invasion of privacy, insulting words, tortious interference with contract and business expectations, and conspiracy,” the letter began, before listing all Malm’s tweets about Dr. Bowden and her widely shared TikTok video. 

“Demand is hereby made for an immediate public retraction, a public apology, and compensation for the special damages, presumed damages and actual injuries suffered by Dr. Bowden, including the insult, humiliation, embarrassment and injury to her reputation and medical practice caused by your egregious and excessive defamation and insulting words,” demanded Biss.  

Dr. Bowden was then contacted by a journalist named Olivia Goldhill, who also wants people to call her she/her. In an email Dr. Bowden shared with America’s Frontline News, Goldhill asked Dr. Bowden about Malm’s claims and why the doctor recommends ivermectin. 

“Pharmacists are interfering with the doctor-patient relationship by refusing to dispense life-saving medications used to treat COVID-19,” Dr. Bowden told Goldhill. “MDET - multidrug early treatment – is the community standard of care for treatment of COVID and I have kept over 4000 patients out of the hospital with no complications using it.” 

Goldhill also asked about a comment Dr. Bowden made in which she expressed hope that Malm’s daughter “doesn’t die in her sleep,” referring to a recent wave of young, healthy people dying unexpectedly, particularly in their sleep

This week, Malm posted online how proud she was to have injected her young daughter with both shots. 

“I am honestly concerned that young children will die in their sleep after the shot,” she continued. “We are seeing an unprecedented number of young people dying suddenly after the shots. I truly worry for Savannah’s child.” 

Goldhill also asked Dr. Bowden when she joined civil rights group America’s Frontline Doctors, which Dr. Bowden did not. 

Online users had some choice remarks to say about Malm. 

“She’s the ultimate Karen,” said one. 

“Peak millennial white woman insanity,” said another. 

“This women is insane she needs to go outside your not doing ‘justice’ ur acting like an antisocial freak. I bet you this is one of those people who hasn’t left their in a year or whatever. Pay no mind.” 

“This woman is so bitter and spiritually disturbed. She needs help lol.” 

“Someone needs to go searching through this woman’s social media and find the one time she said Retard when she was 16 and get her fired from her job as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit or whatever so she has to leave her condo and sell her pit mix rescue and move back in to her parents’ McMansion in the Chicago suburbs and be forced to make small talk with the girl who used to bully her in high school in a Kroger’s checkout line and then cry on the drive home in the backseat of her mom’s 7-Series while contemplating her life choices.” 


“Imagine being so triggered by something a child said you feel the need to alert their school absolutely pathetic just kill your self now your not gonna make it.” 

“I hope someone can report back on the comeuppance once she receives it.” 

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