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Israeli surgeon challenges pediatricians to break silence on Pfizer vaccine

Posted by Eliyahu Tulshinski


Sun, Mar 06, 2022


00:41 AM

Urges letter exposing dangerous, experimental, inefficacious jab

Israeli surgeon challenges pediatricians to break silence on Pfizer vaccine

Dr. Avshalom Carmel, an Israeli orthopedic surgeon with 29 years of medical experience working privately and through Israeli health maintenance organizations (HMOs), has tweeted a challenge to Israeli pediatricians to get off the proverbial fence and take a stand on children’s COVID vaccinations. 

Translated to English, the tweet demands: 

“There are 3,300 pediatricians in Israel. I am aware of 5 who opposed the vaccination of children. 

I know at least 10 who pushed for it on networks and in the media. 

I asked several times; Where are you > 3000 Pediatricians? 😶 

Do you all think it is right to vaccinate children with an experimental and dangerous mRNA vaccine?

Isn’t it time you put out a letter opposing child vaccination in the face of this graph:” 

Reverse efficacy

The chart displayed in Dr. Carmel’s tweet is a screenshot from the Israeli Ministry of Health’s (MOH’s) COVID dashboard showing that vaccinated children between 12 and 15 years of age are far more likely to experience an active case of COVID-19 than their unvaccinated peers. Specifically, children in this age group who have not received any COVID vaccine have just a 0.3% chance of being an active case while vaccinated children have a 0.5% chance of being an active case. That chance rises to 0.9% for those who took their second shot more than 6 months and 1 week ago.

This means that taking the two shots almost doubles one’s chance of being an active case and by half a year after the second shot the chance of being an active case triples! 

Not only is the vaccine not effective in vaccinating children against coronavirus, but it actually has a negative effectiveness - it makes one much more likely to test positive!

Other children as well

Negative effectiveness is also seen in children aged 5-11, where the chance of being an active case jumps from 0.4% for the unvaccinated to 0.7% for the vaccinated, as well as in children aged 16-19, where the active case rate climbs from 0.4% for the unvaccinated to 0.5% for the vaccinated.

Vaccinated just as likely to be serious cases

While the MOH considers an active case to be anyone who has “been tested and found to be positive for the COVID-19 virus, regardless of the onset of symptoms, who has not yet received a negative result for the virus in further tests and who has not died,” vaccinated children are also not better off when it comes to severe illness accompanied by a positive COVID test. In all children from 5-19, there are currently 4 severe “COVID cases” in Israel, 2 fully vaccinated children and 2 unvaccinated children. When factoring in the rate of vaccination in each age group, the chance of having a severe case is roughly the same for vaccinated and unvaccinated children, with both groups having less than a 0.001% chance of being a severe case.

Not seen in the statistics

Israel is reluctant to release comorbidity information about COVID positive patients. Thus, the four unvaccinated children with severe cases may have been hospitalized for a non-respiratory illness, such as cancer, and then listed as a COVID case after receiving a positive test, even in the absence of any COVID symptoms. Additionally, some people, including children, are too ill to receive any medical injections and may thus artificially increase the chance of the unvaccinated having a severe case. Factors like this, which are prevalent with increasing age, may help explain why the trend changes after age 20, with the non-vaccinated having higher rates of active and severe cases. 

Low vaccination rate for young children

Despite the absence of a large number of pediatricians publicly opposing vaccination of children, Israel has seen a steady downward trend as its vaccine campaign moved, over time, to progressively younger age groups. Over 91% of Israelis in the 70-79 age group, who were vaccinated in the beginning of the vaccination campaign, received the jab. That number goes down to just 25% for children aged 5-11. Israel began injecting that age group in November 2021 with calls for vaccinating every child and publicity campaigns about the danger of children developing a frightening, brand new disease called PIMS (Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome) if their parents refused the shots. 

Despite the public relations push, AFLDS already reported, “Israel’s vaccination plan for young children falls flat,” with less 5-11 year-old children getting vaccinated each day than there are new members of that age group as children celebrate their fifth birthday. Today, just 17.5% of that age group received two shots.

Too late?

Acknowledging that Israel appears to be at the end of its vaccine campaign, one twitter user noted, “The truth is that even if a significant number now sign a scathing letter against pediatric vaccines using the mRNA method, it is too late. Most who wanted to get vaccinated or at least hesitated to do so have already done so.” 

Are doctors or parents turning against the vaccine?

Whether or not any Israeli pediatricians heed Dr. Carmel's call to sign a public statement opposing vaccination of children, there may already be some privately discouraging (or at least not encouraging) their patients from vaccinating their children, as that could explain the drop off in vaccination rates of children compared to older Israelis. 

On the other hand, perhaps parents themselves are doing a cost-benefit analysis, comparing the lack of danger of COVID to healthy children, with the “absence of the death of even one healthy child from COVID-19 in Israel,” to the increased risk of myocarditis and other conditions following vaccination. Add to that Dr. Carmel’s post about the reverse efficacy of the vaccine and the warning of Dr. Michael Yeadon, former chief scientist and vice-president of Pfizer's allergy and respiratory research division, “that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the COVID vaccines than by the virus itself.”

It's likely a combination of parents doing research and doctors losing enthusiasm for the vaccines. 

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