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Hospital calls CPS on vaccine victim after mother asks about ivermectin

Posted by Yudi Sherman


May 04, 2022


01:34 AM

'My heart tells me that she has developed something from the COVID vaccine or disease itself'

Hospital calls CPS on vaccine victim after mother asks about ivermectin

VCU Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia recently called Child Protective Services (CPS) on the mother of a vaccine victim after she asked medical staff about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  

8-year-old Ryleigh Jones was injected with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on January 6, 2022. Six days later, she became feverish and lethargic, and was diagnosed with COVID-19. 

On February 15th, Ryleigh woke up a different person. She blacked out and entered the throes of a psychotic rage. She also began experiencing unexplained health complications, such as losing feeling in her legs and being unable to walk. Between February 15th and April 20th, she was taken to VCU Medical Center no less than 11 times.  

With some tweaks to her diet, Ryleigh has started to walk again, though she has not regained sensation in her legs. 

On April 14th, Jennifer Jones rushed her daughter Ryleigh to VCU Medical Center, this time because the little girl was experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. Despite two X-rays showing pneumonia, Ryleigh was sent home. 

The chest pains and shortness of breath increased, and four days later, Jennifer took her daughter back to VCU. A third X-ray again showed pneumonia and Ryleigh was administered amoxycillin. 

Dr. Ashley Haggerty decided to admit Ryleigh as an inpatient. 

“This little girl has been here one too many times,” Dr. Haggerty told Jennifer. “We are going to admit her and figure out what’s wrong.” 

Two days later, the doctors came back with an answer.

“You’re not going to like this, but I believe that Ryleigh has FND,” said VCU’s Dr. Grace Mueller. Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is what doctors call neurological problems they are unable to explain. It is also highly uncommon in children under age 10. 

Jennifer referred Dr. Mueller to her daughter’s blood tests pointing to a possible autoimmune disease caused by the vaccine and begged her to keep digging. 

Sensing that Ryleigh might be a victim of the COVID-19 vaccine and/or the disease itself, Jennifer also asked the hospital’s team about treatment protocols involving ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, cheap drugs that have proven effective against COVID-19. She also inquired about administering snake venom based on a recent viral podcast episode with Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Jennifer also showed Dr. Mueller a diagnosis from a prominent neurologist and epidemiologist in New York. Based on an EMG test, the New York doctor said that Ryleigh has Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) and Small Fiber Polyneuropathy (SFP). 

Dr. Mueller immediately tried to discredit the well-known physician after finding through a Google search that he had been investigated for tax fraud, intimating that his diagnosis should not be accepted. 

Dr. Mueller continued to insist that Ryleigh had an inexplicable neurological disorder and served her with discharge papers. 

“My heart tells me that she has developed something from the COVID vaccine or disease itself. The VCU medical community will not dig further into our hypothesis.” 

Jennifer would later find out that as VCU was preparing Ryleigh’s discharge papers, Dr. Mueller also had Jennifer reported to Child Protective Services, saying that the mother was planning to administer ivermectin and HCQ to her daughter. They also told CPS their concern that Jennifer would follow the New York neurologist's plan of care, and not VCU’s. 

In Dr. Mueller's notes, obtained by AFLDS Frontline News, the physician makes no mention of what prompted the call to CPS and why she felt Ryleigh was in any danger from her mother.

CPS came knocking the next day. 

The CPS Case Worker demanded Jennifer sign a “safety plan” in which she agreed to not administer any unprescribed medications to her daughter. Jennifer refused, at which point the case worker said ominously that she would give her “time to think about it.” 

At 4 AM, Jennifer wrote the case worker that she would sign. 

“Ryleigh has been injured by the COVID 19 Pfizer vaccine or anesthesia and because this is something the doctors haven’t seen before we are having the hardest time ever trying to find someone to help her,” Jennifer said in the email.  

“I encourage you to research the 10 pages of side effects from the COVID vaccine that Pfizer released to the public which also states some of the symptoms that Ryleigh has displayed,” she added. 

Ryleigh’s functional doctor, who has experience working with victims of Pfizer's clinical vaccine trials, wrote his own email to the case worker in which he cc’d an attorney and said that the VCU staff “is in violation of accepted medical ethics and therefore in violation of their license in my professional opinion.” 

The Oregon-based doctor also stressed the issue of medical rights. 

“Thus, Ms. Jennifer Jones, was well within her rights to seek a second opinion and alternate care for her child and, as a parent and licensed doctor, I find it very disturbing that she would be reported to child protective services by insecure and egotistical hospital staff for simply exercising her right as a parent to seek evidence-based options for her child,” the doctor continued. 

“Any allegations that Ms. Jones intends to utilize off-label medications on behalf of her daughter are baseless and skirt the ethical boundaries into legal grounds for slander, libel and false statements which can be pursued as criminal in certain states,” he added. 

Jennifer has since not heard back from the case worker nor from anyone else at CPS. 

Last week, Ryleigh suffered two blackout episodes after which she lost the ability to speak. She also suffered significant memory loss, at times unable to remember who she is, her mother, father, or her dog Buddy. The little girl who loved to dance, socialize with friends, and dreamed about signing up for the baseball team has become unrecognizable. Her mother says it's likely due to the vaccine's spike protein, which has entered the blood-brain barrier and is preventing the body from excreting toxins.

“My child changed overnight,” says Jennifer. “And the only two things that happened to her differently were the anesthesia and vaccine.” 

Ryleigh has been improving slightly due to a change of diet and her IVIg therapy will be covered by insurance, but the Jones family, still drowning in medical bills, set up a GoFundMe campaign to help offset costs. (Thu 5/6/2022 - GoFundMe has shut down this campaign and refunded the $8,000+ that was raised.  A new campaign has started at GiveSendGo.  Editor)

Jennifer says that aside from expenses, they have also suffered a significant emotional toll. 

“We are giving [functional medicine] a try as we have been ridiculed by VCU and now have PTSD to even walk into a hospital. We never knew Doctors and Nurses could be so cruel,” she says.  

“VCU has been rude and disrespectful to us. We have been laughed at and told we are crazy for believing our daughter. Ryleigh's life has changed dramatically and she's too talented to let her suffer in this agony without fighting with everything we have to get the proper treatment for our girl.”  

When asked why she originally had her daughter injected, Jennifer told ALFDS Frontline News that the media and her social circles had told her to.

"I had Ryleigh vaccinated because I thought it was safe and I trusted what I was seeing on tv and several of my friends had their children vaccinated so I thought it was safe. I had been vaccinated and I was ok."

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