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Former NIH director brags about forced vaccinations, gruesome research funding

Posted by Yudi Sherman


Tue, Mar 08, 2022


00:03 AM

In leaked audio, Collins claimed those resisting vaccine deep down really wanted to get vaccinated, but caved to 'peer pressure'

Former NIH director brags about forced vaccinations, gruesome research funding

Leaked audio of remarks by former National Institute of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins reveals an alarming hostility towards Evangelicals, President Donald Trump, and those who did not submit to the experimental biological agent known as the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The recording, originally obtained by The Daily Wire, was taken at a private event at the University of Chicago in October. Collins, who is now the co-chairman of Joe Biden’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, was unaware that the event was being recorded, and in fact expressed relief that he could speak freely since it would not go on record. 

Collins has always claimed that he and former employee Dr. Anthony Fauci were politically neutral, saying that they were “not political figures”. 

But that veneer has now been punctured. 

Collins, who joined theologian Russell Moore at the event, had assured the public earlier in 2021 that there would not be “any mandating vaccines from the U.S. government.” 

But instead of offering an explanation for this mistruth, Collins revealed that he had been in favor of coerced vaccinations and medical intimidation all along. 

“The US government does have the authority to mandate vaccinations if there is an outbreak that is threatening people, because it’s not just about you, it’s about the people you’re going to infect,” said Collins. 

Even at the time that Collins said this, medical studies had debunked the idea that the vaccine protected against infections, and statistics had already begun to show that the vaccinated were more likely to spread the virus. 

“Do [mandates] convince people who otherwise wouldn’t get them?” he asked rhetorically. “Oh yeah, especially if it means losing your job.” 

Then, Collins proceeded to brag about forcing 2,000 NIH employees and contractors to get the shot by threatening their livelihoods. He said that they were “pretty darn resistant” to get the vaccine, but threats of unemployment got a “big response”. 

Collins began to mock them. 

“You get the feeling that their resistance was not maybe quite that deeply seated,” he said as he chuckled. 

Collins claimed that all those who resisted the vaccine really wanted to get vaccinated deep down, but were caving to “peer pressure”, despite the fact that there is enormous social pressure imposed on everyone to get vaccinated. That’s why the mandates, according to Collins, allowed these closet vaccine enthusiasts “save face” by saying that they were forced to get vaccinated. 

“’Well, my employer made me do it. I didn’t really want to get them,’” Collins said his employees were thinking. “They get, you know, bonus points, because they’re now a victim. But they’ve also gotten the mandated vaccine that they kind of wanted anyway.” 

Collins then began to jeer at Evangelicals, particularly for their commitment to freedom and civil liberties. 

They have so “wrapped themselves in the flag and wrapped themselves in this concept of personal freedom, that public health just grates on them,” he said regarding Evangelicals. 

“[Evangelicals] have forgotten many times that freedom is not just about rights,” Collins added. Then, putting on a distorted Southern accent, he asked the students, “How many times have you heard, ‘Muh freedom means I got rights’? Well, okay, you also have that other R-word: responsibilities. That’s what freedom is supposed to incorporate.” 

The conversation then segued from Evangelicals to former President Donald Trump, for whom Collins spared no hostility. 

Collins blamed the former president for “hundreds of thousands” of deaths from COVID-19, even though more Americans have died from COVID-19 during Joe Biden’s term, despite Biden’s campaign promise that he would “shut down the virus.” 

But perhaps the most disturbing part was when Collins did not deny greenlighting funding for certain controversial research projects which harvested the body parts of aborted full-term infants. In some experiments, infant scalps were grafted onto lab rats. 

While he acknowledged that he is “troubled” by abortion, he began to offer philosophical arguments in favor of using fetal issue for scientific experimentation. 

Collins also did not deny funding transgender research on minors. 

Transgender research is known to be severely flawed.  

A 2021 meta-analysis by the National Institute for Health and Excellence reviewed nine studies which claimed that hormone therapy and puberty blockers were helpful, and concluded that the studies were “either of questionable clinical value, or the studies themselves are not reliable and changes could be due to confounding, bias or chance.” 

Nevertheless, these studies are touted by the mainstream media unquestioningly. 

Transgender research on minors is also known to be funded by Big Pharma, as in the case of a recent January study from Stanford University, which found in favor of hormone therapy and puberty blockers. The study was funded by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), which is in turn funded by pharmaceutical giants Arbor and Pfizer. 

Both Arbor and Pfizer market hormonal drugs that are used in gender transitions. 

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