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Fake virus videos good; authentic vaccine videos bad

Posted by Eliyahu Tulshinski


Mar 16, 2022


01:19 AM

Clips of intoxicated people passed off as virus-related; videos of vaccinated athletes collapsing on live TV suppressed

Fake virus videos good; authentic vaccine videos bad
  • Doctors failed to calm public and explain that the videos were obviously fake since viruses don’t cause sudden collapses of people walking down the street
  • Viruses build up gradually as do their symptoms - a person does not have to fear walking down the street, breathing in a few viral particles and then collapsing from them
  • News outlets failed to mention the likelihood of the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party in the spread of the fraudulent videos - the collapses did not happen anywhere else
  • Clear agenda by mainstream media to exaggerate virus danger and downplay vaccine side effects - despite its usefulness in drawing viewers, newscasters only reported frightening virus stories but not vaccine scares 
  • Media and other organizations even trying to cover up the vaccine-collapse link

It’s been 26 months since the world was inundated with dreadful scenes allegedly showing that a new version of the common coronavirus was so deadly that it could instantly take a person from freely walking to collapsing on the ground.

The Daily Mail, for example, included videos and photographs in a January 2020 report claiming, 

Disturbing videos have emerged purporting to show people collapsing in the streets of the Chinese city at the centre of the new coronavirus outbreak.” 

No need to verify?

The rush to publicize the videos came despite an acknowledgment in the Daily Mail report itself that,

“MailOnline has been unable to verify the videos, which are being widely circulated on social media. It is not clear where or when precisely much of the footage was taken…“

Not how a virus works

A pathogen that causes sudden collapses would, in fact, be shockingly dangerous. Fortunately, pathogens take time to multiply, usually not even fast enough to outpace a healthy person’s ability to destroy them, let alone to cause severe symptoms. The CDC reports, for example, that the pneumonia causing bacteria pneumococci are 

common inhabitants of the respiratory tract. The bacteria may be isolated from the nasopharynx of 5–90% of healthy persons.” 

Up to 90% of people have dangerous bacteria in the top of their throats. If the mask is guarding the palace entrance, the enemy is already in the king's chambers! The only way to truly "protect" oneself from all pathogens would seem to be to cut off one's head! Luckily, nature has a better solution.

The body’s street sweeper 

Like a mechanical street sweeper passing a road each morning, a healthy immune system likely won’t remove 100% of the things which don’t belong, but it will keep them limited to a low enough density (thousands per person, not billions) to prevent them from being very noticeable.

Broken machinery

Even when a person’s immune system is not working efficiently, and the pathogen load increases, time is required to build up a great enough concentration of the germs, and the toxins they exude, in vulnerable organs like the throat and lungs, until that concentration is great enough to interfere with, say, swallowing or breathing. 


As the pathogen’s concentration increases, the interference with life gradually increases, and often the microbes migrate, for example from the moist area of the sinus cavity to the throat and lungs. As they increase and reach new areas, suffering increases at a corresponding rate, and an infected person may begin to feel unwell, progressing over hours or days to not being able to do strenuous activities, not being able to walk, requiring bed rest, and finally gasping for air. 

Seeing is believing

By the time a person is suffering breathing difficulty, the concentration of the pathogens and their toxins in the lungs is often great enough to interfere with the flow of X-ray photons through the lungs.  That is, patches of them may be observed as white areas in a chest x-ray (the areas where the least light made it through, which show up as white spots since the film image is a “negative,” i.e., it reverses light and dark areas.)

A person with a clear chest x-ray would be unlikely to have enough pathogens in their lungs to cause severe breathing problems, let alone a sudden collapse. Although pneumonia may involve a part of the lung not easily seen by an x-ray, there would still need to be a great enough density to cause breathing issues. 

By the numbers

Just how many pathogens are needed to cause suffering? The common respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) reaches viral loads as high as 20 million pathogens (7.3 log copies) in each milliliter of bodily fluid in an infected area. While the average person has about 7 milliliters of extravascular lung water (EVLW) for each kilogram they weigh, a 176 lb (80 kg) adult with that viral load would have approximately 11 billion virus particles in their lungs. COVID-19 infections can reach even higher levels where “each infected person carries an estimated 1 billion to 100 billion virions during peak infection.” 

It would obviously take more than a few hours to go from healthy and walking to having a viral load like that which can cause severe respiratory distress and collapse. For that same reason, Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn't think a positive COVID PCR test has significance if the test was done at a high cycle threshold of 35 or more, as it often is, because, “you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…” 

There wouldn't be enough virus to make one sick. A person who had just a few viral particles before leaving home, or who breathed in a few particles from the air after passing someone on the street, would not suddenly have enough viral load to cause their collapse.

Collapses only in China?

Viruses are often associated with more severe outcomes in parts of the world where populations have generally weaker immune systems due to malnutrition, lack of proper housing or uncovered sewer systems, and the like. 

A completely different course of illness, however, in not seen when the same pathogen enters a different area of the world. It is thus curious that the collapses which got the attention of the world did not replicate outside of China. As twitter user Northern Lass noted over a year ago,

“‘1 in 50' people in the UK have coronavirus and daily infections have reached 60,000 Yet still no reports of people collapsing in the street.”   

Indeed, there have now been over 460 million COVID cases worldwide and still no collapses outside China.

Communist approved?

The fact that viruses do not cause sudden collapses and that the collapses were only seen within the borders of one nation should have sufficed to give pause to mainstream media. Add to that the fact that the videos likely reached the free world only at the instruction of those who wish to end freedom.

Even the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) reported, in 2017, that, 

China has one of the world’s most restrictive media environments, relying on censorship to control information in the news, online, and on social media.”

The report noted that China ranks 176 out of 180 nations on press freedom and added, 

“The Chinese government has long kept tight reins on both traditional and new media … Certain websites that the government deems potentially dangerous—like Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and some Google services—are fully blocked or temporarily “blacked out” during periods of controversy.”

In an update, Freedom House reported in January 2020 that,

”Over the past decade, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have overseen a dramatic expansion in the regime’s ability to shape media content and narratives about China around the world, affecting every region and multiple languages … This trend has accelerated since 2017, with the emergence of new and more brazen tactics.”

Fact checkers warn

Even the disgraced and left-wing biased Snopes labeled the claim of “People Collapsing in the Street from Coronavirus” as “unproven” as early as January 30, 2020, reporting,

“We reached out to the World Health Organization (WHO) for more information about these videos. While they didn’t provide information about any specific footage, they did say that sudden collapses’ from the coronavirus would be ‘atypical’ …

“In one case, it looks like a person was the victim of a traffic accident. In another, it appears that a man suffered a head injury.” [Emphases added].

The day after the Snopes article, the Thai government reported that a man “confessed to posting a video of a Chinese man collapsing at Suvarnabhumi Airport in order to mislead the public that it was connected to the coronavirus. The ‘victim’ turned out to be drunk, but not infected with the virus.”

Two months later, Reuters debunked an instagram video alleged to have shown a “Chinese man with violent coronavirus symptoms” coughing and vomiting blood profusely on public transit. The video was from 2019.

If it bleeds, it leads?

One may be tempted to believe that the media’s willingness to overlook all the warning signs of the deceptiveness of the videos was driven by profit interests. After all, The Guardian covered the results of a Pew Research Center survey with the headline, “The good news about bad news - it sells”. The paper summarized the findings:

“calls for papers to publish ‘good news’ rather than bad is largely a waste of time. People are stimulated to read by the latter. They want to know what has gone wrong rather than what has gone right.”

In “If It Bleeds, It Leads: Understanding Fear-Based Media", Psychology Today advises readers to “mind your media intake“ because, 

“News is a money-making industry. One that doesn't always make the goal to report the facts accurately.” 

Unless vaccinated

If virus “collapse videos” were deemed frightening enough to increase readership, one would have thought that post-vaccine collapses would garner publicity. The news stations do not even need to compile the videos. That’s already been done in compilations like these, “Four Hundred Athletes Collapsing and Dying in the Last Six Months,” “Highwire Compilation of Athletes Collapsing Passing Out & Fainting” and “COVID-19 Vaccine Collapse Compilation".

Additionally, the videos of professional and student athletes collapsing are far more frightening in that,

While these vaccine collapse stories may make it to their local news, they generally do not get aired on national news networks, where the danger of the 2019 coronavirus is overstated while the danger of the vaccines against it are understated. This leaves the viewer with the impression that the local vaccine collapse case they know about may be the only one.


Even more worrisome than the media ignoring all these collapses are attempts to cover them up.

In what is being challenged as an effort to discount the vaccine link to athlete collapses, a disturbing video featuring a teenage girl has been distributed as a “UK Heart Foundation Advertisement [Showing a] Footballer Collapsing.” The poster of the video labeled it, “An attempt to normalize athletes collapsing on the field.”

More directly, CNN put out a video in February entitled, “Debunked: Pro athletes are NOT dropping dead because of the Covid-19 vaccine,” though the video provided no statistics in support of their debunking claim. A December 2021 video by Politifact, “Are COVID-19 vaccines causing heart problems in athletes?” also failed to provide any statistics supporting their contention that athlete collapses and deaths did not increase after the rollout of the vaccine campaign.

Frontline News reported on these types of fact-check fallacies in more detail here.

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