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Don’t flinch at threats of 50% fatality pandemic - Opinion

Jan 16, 2022


01:28 AM

People should not argue that restrictions, lockdowns, people avoidance, masks, testing, are unnecessary or wrong because COVID-19 only has a small chance of harming people

Don’t flinch at threats of 50% fatality pandemic - Opinion

by Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith

The promotional department of public health, namely the news, had this headline:

Massive New Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 2022’s Deadly Global Pandemic

The threat of a pandemic that kills 50% of people infected.  The WHO claims that of 863 cases over 19 years, 50% died.

That is calculated to really scare people.  Even those who are not scared of something with a 99% plus survival rate.  So scary that people won’t even wait around to see if anyone dies from it before they surrender.

I have been arguing from the beginning that people should not make the argument that restrictions, lockdowns, people avoidance, masks and testing, are unnecessary or wrong because C-19 only has a small chance of harming people.  I said that’s a mistake because public health will just claim a “pandemic” that harms or kills some, most or all people.  And voilà, that’s what they are presaging now.

The shock and awe will be so great that many of the very doctors and scientists you relied on to back up your common sense that the public health revolution was wrong, will suddenly say, “Well, this new pandemic is a real threat.  How can we go about normal life with something in the air that kills 50% of the people?!  Hide out.  Stay apart.  Go get tested!”

That’s why I warned – don’t base your liberty on what doctors and scientists are saying.  Because even (or especially) they can be scared by a threat so “great” that they will be afraid to say that liberty and normal human life is perfectly all right.  By putting any doctor or scientist (even pro liberty) and their thoughts in charge of the outcome of your life, you are surrendering your liberty to another human being.

If not even one doctor or scientist is willing to say that there is nothing dangerous in the air, where will that leave you?

I have said from the beginning that my position on liberty, on communal and family gatherings, on economic activity, on breathing, human gathering, and travel, are based on what G-d Almighty directs us to do, and would remain unchanged even if the public health papers reported a disease or a threat with 100% fatality.

Back on 11/25/21, I wrote: The public health officials will definitely keep people in fear about danger in the air and from other people in order to promote their global testing infrastructure and quarantines and they may call it anything – new variants, COVID 21, smallpox, ebola.

Rand Paul actually spoke about a “next virus” with 50% mortality during examining Dr. Fauci.  So that makes Rand Paul part of the problem, because he is promoting the idea that there could be some even deadlier danger lurking in the air.  Focusing on the alleged lab theory, Rand Paul is ascribing power to the scientists to create something so powerful it could put civilization at risk!  Rand Paul is actually laying the psychological groundwork for the next “pandemic”!

What may happen is that there will be some “super dangerous” “bio warfare” danger that even the people arguing against the covid narrative will fall for and then most people will just surrender to the public health measures, may G-d protect us.

The brilliance of smallpox as an option is that many people who are against the COVID shot say they are in favor of shots in general so nearly everyone will agree to a mandatory smallpox shot, something which was tried, but was impossible to accomplish, 120 years ago.

You can see that they are floating many ideas at the same time, smallpox, ebola, avian flu, and variants to test which are the ones to play up the most as the new pandemic.  Or maybe all of them.  How much better will it scare people if it can be claimed to be lab generated.  I don’t know which of these they will push the most, but there may be multiple simultaneously or consecutively.

As I have warned repeatedly, Bill Gates declares that the main priority now is the building of a global testing infrastructure in which every person is tested at least every five weeks for C-19, variants and other threats.  He has correctly announced everything in advance so pay attention.

The public health officials don’t really need anyone to die from any pandemic – there just has to be enough fear to have the people scared into constant testing.  We are already seeing it now with the latest variant.  Once people agree to be tested, as tragically many who are trying to avoid the genetic code injection have agreed to do, they are locked into the testing and evaluating system.

So this avian flu at 50% fatality would be a perfect excuse to ramp up the testing infrastructure.

To survive this, we need to double down on our common sense, which is a gift from G-d Almighty.  We need to triple down on our connection to G-d Almighty and then we will not be prone to fear and looking for other people to save us.

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