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Backlash as WHO warns against ‘stigma and discrimination’ for monkeypox

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Yudi Sherman


Yudi Sherman

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Mon, Jul 25, 2022


01:01 AM

'Unless it's the unvaccinated, of course'

Backlash as WHO warns against ‘stigma and discrimination’ for monkeypox

The World Health Organization (WHO) is facing backlash after cautioning the public against “stigma and discrimination” with regards to monkeypox. The organization made the comment in its statement declaring monkeypox a global health emergency. 

“Stigma and discrimination are never ok,” reads a large graphic tweeted by the WHO. 


“Diseases can affect anyone. #SolidarityNotStigma,” said the post. 

“’Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus," the statement quoted Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as saying. 

But many users pushed back on the WHO for its remarks given the stigma and discrimination suffered by the non-injected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who chose not to get the shots were demonized and subjected to state-sanctioned discrimination, which the WHO did not condemn. 

In fact, the WHO appears take a dim view of those who refuse to take an injection, or what the organization calls “vaccine deniers.” In a 2017 presentation outlining how to respond to “vaccine deniers”, accusing them of tactics which became all too familiar during the pandemic. 

“Vocal vaccine deniers shut down critics and avoid open discussions,” claimed the document. “They ban comments or authors from communication platforms (social media, blogs etc.) and censor opposing opinions.” 

“Vocal vaccine deniers use personal insults and even legal actions to silence representatives of the scientific consensus,” the WHO added. 

The organization also accused “vaccine deniers” as being “conspiracy theorists” and engaging in “science denialism.” 

Now the WHO is being inundated with responses pointing out the organization’s sudden concern for stigma and discrimination. 

“But stigma and discrimination for unvaccinated is okay, isn't it?” 

“What about stigma and discriminitation of the unvaxed? Ah yes, that's completely ok.” 


“Stigma and discrimination sure seemed to be not only ok but encouraged against those of us who refused the Covid ‘vaccine.’” 

“Ah but the stigma and discrimination only applied to unvaccinated covids, right? So to know...” 

“So y'all renounce discrimination against those who wouldn't take the #clotshot? Too little, too late, but at least y'all came round eventually.” 

“You mean like those horrible unvaccinateds?” 

“Unless it's the unvaccinated, of course. Then discrimination is not only acceptable, but mandatory.” 

“Ridiculous how factual true information regarding the spread of a virus is defamed as “discrimination” but obscenely profitable and mostly unnecessary products from big pharma are touted as ‘science’.” 

“WHO, you not only did not speak out on discrimination against people who didn't want to get the experimental mRNA crap. No, instead you were fanning the flames of hate and discrimination targeting them. How hipocritical to post this now. You've lost all credibility.” 

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